Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Christmas Eve today, and I went off to work. When I came home, ET was cooking with the OH, peeling garlic cloves and tossing veg in oil. They looked adorable together. She has a little step in the kitchen that she uses to reach the worktop, and at the moment thinks cooking is fun. So we're encouraging her to help us, as she eats more that way.

My OH told me that earlier in the day she was playing with water in the sink when he found her eating the dish sponge. He put a stop to that, and then later turned round when she said "I've got a dummy", only to see her with the sink drainer in her mouth! Yuk.

We've just sprinkled reindeer food around, left cookies for Father Christmas, and put her stocking on her bedroom door. She then went off to bed quite happily. It felt very magical, as she understands what's going on this year for the first time. I wonder what time we'll be woken up in the morning?!

My Grandma always used to say that my siblings and I had "Christmas-itis" when we got excited on Christmas Eve. I'm more excited this year than I've been for a long time. The OH jokes that I will struggle to sleep tonight more than ET, and he's probably right! I will have to try to remain calm to sleep :-).

But there's something so hectic about trying to be ready for Christmas. Like the last shopping trip on Tuesday to get the last minute food items from the supermarket. Crazy busy, queues everywhere, all for some sprouts. Then there was a moment at work today, when I was thinking that when I got home I would have to:

* Dust and hoover in preparation for tomorrow
* Complete paperwork for job no 2 to be bang up to date so I can relax
* Go and buy petrol and clear out the junk in the car. Put the car CD's back in the right boxes and hoover the inside.
* Paint my nails
* Tidy up and put my washing away.
* Have tea and clear up
* Sort out the little one for bed.

But frankly, with some encouragement from OH, some of those things have been abandoned in favour of drinking fizz in front of the TV, and stopping to enjoy Christmas. A better idea. A bit of calm before the storm. We've got family coming tomorrow and then we're seeing more from Boxing Day, and we have 11 days off work together! We're really looking forward to it. So here's a toast to you all. Merry Christmas. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Starting Work Young.

This morning ET picked up my bra, stuck her arms through the straps, and said: "I put my bra on and go to work". Well, I admit I do that too but personally I add a few more clothes to my outfit before leaving the house :-).

Who is ET?'s a basic summary. ET is my darling daughter, aged 2 years 5 months as I write this. She was a very much wanted baby. I'd always known I wanted to be a Mum. When I was 13 years old I told my Dad that if I didn't find a man I'd have a baby by artificial insemination. He thought this was hilarious. When, 16 years later, I dropped the bombshell that I was pregnant, he didn't speak for a full 10 minutes from the shock. You'd think that announcing this at my 30th birthday celebrations, by giving him an early Christmas present to unwrap that contained a baby scan photo with the words, "I love Grandad", wouldn't be that big a deal right? My OH (other half for those of you new to the "lingo" - only fair to him I allow him some privacy), and I had been together for seven and a half years by the time we had the first scan, and living together for more than 5 of those. So ET was a very much planned for baby. I had no patience to leave things to chance once my OH felt ready for one. I'd been ready for ages.

We knew we were having a girl before she arrived. We'd narrowed names down to 2: Poppy or Annabel, so friends used to call my bump Poppabel. But when she was born, the OH turned to me and said "how about Emily?", our 3rd choice of name. After a proper look at her I agreed. So she's Emily, as it was a name we both liked, picked (in my mind) in reminder of the little girl from Bagpuss, who was independent enough to have a shop at a young age, and kind to all things. Of course, I have since discovered that Emily is the second most popular name for 2012, which saddens me. I hated having a common name, and was determined no child of mine would suffer the same. Then repeated the pattern by accident. Oops.

For this blog, Emily is referred to as ET. Mainly because when she walks, she toddles just like ET did in his film, and when she first learned to talk, she sounded a bit like him too. I like her funny walk/run. It's cute. What else is there to know about her? Wellll.....

  • ET is destined to be short and curvy like her Mum. She's got scrumptious chubby arms and legs, with a proper little toddler belly. She's healthy, it's just her natural shape. She's got fine, short blonde hair and hazel eyes with a bit of green in them. Her hair took ages to grow. She's never needed a proper haircut cut. Looked like a balding monk for ages.
  • She's a chatterbox. Always has been, once she learned some words. Her language development always came before her ability to do things physically. Therefore she gets cross when she knows what she wants to do and can't do it. She still can't jump. But we get to have little conversations together.
  • ET is not a "hugger" unless she chooses to hug you. I force cuddles upon her but she tends to only want them if she feels poorly, or it's first thing in the morning. I got more when she was a baby. I miss them. Some of her toddler friends are huggy and when they go to cuddle her she recoils away. I feel bad for them. Family are allowed to cuddle her but she'll "want to get down" after 2 seconds.
  • ET is "a grown up". Apparently. Commonly heard to be saying "I want to do it myself!". Or, when we tell her it's time to go shopping, "I stay here on my own!". Like hell!
  • ET seems to be a fairly bright little monkey. Therefore we have to be careful what we say/do around her because her memory is miles better than mine. Give in to something and she'd remember FOREVER. Sometimes she has an episode of being naughty not because she wants something, but because she remembers that she behaved that way before and wants to test me. All the while with a cheeky grin on her face, and usually involving rolling on the floor of the local supermarket.
  • She loves books. Can't get enough of them. Especially Maisie, Meg & Mog, Mog the Cat, Peppa Pig, and anything by the authors of The Gruffalo, or Janet & Alan Ahlberg.
  • ET has a serious face. Always thnking, you can see her brain ticking. You wouldn't describe her as a "sunny baby", even though she's happy. Too serious for that. But she still loves a giggle.
So that's our girl in as little as I can type for now. I could go on forever. That's why I started this blog - so I don't bore all my friends on Facebook with child-related photos/news they might not care about. I want to make note of all the things I don't want to forget - the good, the bad and the ugly, the things I find myself thinking about after they happen. I want to share them with other people interested in toddler behaviours, or who maybe don't have a perfect life and struggle with parenthood sometimes, just like I do. I want to be able to say some of the things I feel about being Mum, about the pressures of trying to have a career, a home, a social life and an adult life alongside, and how I try to figure this stuff out. Because it helps me to read how others do it. So maybe someone will find my experience useful too.

Please feel free to subscribe to this blog and share anything of interest. If you never read again, that's fine too. ET, OH & I will carry on growing up regardless. Thanks for reading.