Monday, 10 August 2015

The strange Things Toddlers Say!

E is currently running around the living room naked. Apparently, this is because her toy Peppa Pig and dolls told her she had to get undressed to go in the (imaginary) paddling pool.

E then told me that she wants to go into her dolls house. I said she was too big to do that. Her response:

"Can you cut me into slices so I can go into the dolls house?!!!"

No! I can't.

"Why not?!"


She didn't wait for an answer, just got back to playing imaginary games with her toys, which seem to involve discussing death, sleeping, bedtimes, games and all sorts. It's fair to say, she's got an active imagination.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Summertime Toddler Logic

People who know me, know that I can over-think, over-analyse or over-worry about a lot of things. So it's very refreshing sometimes to be faced with toddler logic, where the answers are simple.

This afternoon I took E to a one-off summer swimming lesson.  It's been hotter than I expected today, so I thought she'd love swimming in the outdoor pool. But no, we were somewhere new and different, and she wasn't in the mood. Most of the lesson was spent sat on the side of the pool, while we both gazed longingly at the water. I'd happily have jumped in, and said so. Instead I had to make do with splashing my feet, because I didn't have my swimming costume with me.  However, E did not see this as good enough and ordered me to take my clothes off and get in naked! Her logic was clear: she understood I wasn't about to swim in my clothes, so problem solved! I wasn't about to inflict that horror on either myself or the swimming teacher so she had to make do with toys in the water instead. Being in a contrary mood, E decided to stay out of the water until the lesson time was up, and then start saying how much she wanted to go swimming!

Later on this afternoon,  E's Dad found her rummaging through my beach bag. She was looking for the suncream. She found it and proceeded to smother herself "ready for going out tomorrow" in the sunshine! Well, sun safety is great, I'm glad E understands that she needs suncream when we're having hot weather. But it did mean she refused to have a bath tonight as she didn't want to wash it off! She had to be "ready" you see. So friends, if you meet us tomorrow and she's sweaty and sticky, I apologise. I didn't have the energy for a battle at bathtime so you'll just have to deal with it.