Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumn Days

One minute we were in the middle of our summer holiday, then Preschool started, and now we're racing through Autumn. I can't help but feel I'm not noting down all the things that flit through my mind, memories I don't want to lose. So here's my ode to our autumn.

The rain holds off initially,
Indian Summer with clear blue skies,
September days with outdoor fun,
Such a sweet surprise.
Each daytime now grows shorter,
Afternoons becoming dark,
We wrap up warm in coats and wellies,
For conker hunting, in the park.
Later clouds are turning grey,
Climbing frames, swings and slides,
Tree branches sway while the little ones play,
Before the wind blows the leaves away.
Jumping in puddles,
Making a splash,
Soaking wet trousers,
Off to the car we dash.
Warm towels, getting dry.
Pyjamas and blankets.
Snuggle up with some telly,
Watch the Ninky Nonk go by.
Hot chocolate or coffee for me, 
Maybe a biscuit or few,
A little afternoon treat,
With some milk or water for you.
Reading or drawing,
The odd bit of baking,
Some messy play-dough, 
I've no idea what you're making!
Soft play or a swimming lesson,
With friends that you know,
Neighbourly fun in the garden,
That's how our weeks go.
Pop into the forest,
River's tide in or out? 
Let's look at the ponies,
See if any cows are about.
Daddy's at work,
Sometimes, so is Mummy,
But Preschool has arts and crafts, 
And the snacks there are yummy.
Weekends we go shopping,
To our local Waitrose,
"I want a magazine!"
Is how the cry goes.
Bedtime battles the norm,
Overtiredness to blame,
Dinner refused,
Grumpiness reigns.
You don't want to tidy,
Just to play in the bath,
But come 8pm
You're asleep at last.
Dreaming of all sorts of things,
Breathing so deep,
Cheeks soft to kiss,
As you lie asleep.
Tomorrow's a new day,
You'll be fresh as a daisy,
Ready to run learn and play,
And as always, amaze me.

Forest Ponies 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Aaah, Threenagers?!

This morning we needed to get out of the house to go shopping.  E said, "You're not dressed!". I told her it would only take me "2 seconds to get dressed and then we can go". E looked at me getting dressed and then starting counting....."1, 2, 3, 4"...all the way to 9, at which point she decided 9 seconds was long enough a period of time for getting dressed. Cheeky monkey!

Meanwhile, a close friend's daughter apparently had a recent meltdown because she was "too thirsty" to have a drink....while being offered multiple beverages to quench said thirst. So funny. Yet not for her poor Mummy at the time.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Breakfast Drama

E asked for nutella on toast this morning in the shape of a face. I asked if she wanted a banana  (for the mouth) and she said yes. So I made her this:

Toast Dog
Now, I admit it's not great, definitely not up to the standards of breakfasts posted on Pintrest. But I still don't think it was that bad. E clearly did though. She ran out of the kitchen crying, and slammed the bathroom door on us!

She was so upset that I had to nake her some more plain old boring toast for her breakfast. Little Diva! So I ate hers.

Methinks we're going to have a quiet and peaceful afternoon. Clearly someone is still shattered from going to Preschool and a playdate yesterday.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Housework = fun???!!

This afternoon, I'd told E that I needed to do some cleaning. I hate doing housework but there comes a point every so often when the crumbs on the carpet and layers of fluff on the woodwork demand attention.

E's response was to say, "Can I do dusting?". She likes to help with that (not a fan of the hoover). Of course I said yes. But we spent time on other activities and soon it was dinnertime, and no cleaning had been done.

At dinner, E piped up: "We didn't do dusting before tea". I suggested doing it tomorrow. In fact I offered two options, either I clean while she is at preschool or afterwards once she's back home. E chose the latter, and I'm not kidding you, she actually said "It will be a special treat!"*

Oh how I wish I'd had a video camera! I bet she won't view it the same way in a few years time.

*I would like to point out that we do have genuine fun together. Her response was not a result of spending all her life locked away in a cupboard with no toys

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sponge For Dessert?

So at bathtime tonight.......


Only a small child would do this. Or the occasional pregnant woman with a sponge craving. (It happens. My OH was very disappointed by my lack of exciting cravings for things like sponges or coal).

The only sponge I want to eat is a Victoria Sponge.