Friday, 11 December 2015

Simple Things.

Sometimes the simple things in life are some of the best, and E's Preschool pick up is one of those.

There's just something so lovely about it. The moment I go into the Preschool, and see her sitting on the floor among all the children waiting to be collected, I feel a little burst of joy at seeing her after a day at work. When she spots me standing there, I always get a grin as she calls, "Mummy!" and comes up to me, clutching the artwork she's produced that day.

The routine stays the same most days. We collect her coat, bag of spare clothes, and doggie design lunch box from the outdoor trolley, then head off on the walk home. E might walk with friends, or might clutch my hand as she skips along. I'll ask what she's done at Preschool,  and she'll often say "I don't know", or "Nothing!". Sometimes she'll talk about who she has played with, or the other children she's seen that day. When we cross the road, we practise our "Green Cross Code, and I try to teach her to "stop, look & listen" and tell me when it's safe to cross.

As soon as we get to our driveway, E lets go of my hand and races ahead, happy to be home. I'm happy too. Work is done for the day, and I can enjoy being back in our favourite place, with my favourite girl.

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